Top Wedding Themes For The Modern Couple

Wedding themes are important because they make your event look unique and special, and your guests feel the excitement. Without wedding themes every wedding would look like the same and that will make everything boring and uninteresting. Before you choose the theme of your wedding it is important that you sit down with your spouse and discuss what you think will go well with the two of you. Worried about ideas? Look through wedding magazines, do internet search and check out Pinterest. We have also listed a couple of great ideas here. You are free to select anyone of them because they are among the best.

Beach Or Hawaii 

Huge water body in the background, styling with nature objects and the power to make endless amount of decorations, are some of the advantages that make beach theme wedding the right option for modern couples. Hawaii and beach themed objects and materials like dresses, dishes and shirts can be found everywhere in thrift stores at very low prices. This theme looks great for the weddings taking place during the summer right? Yes but it will also be great for wedding in the winter despite the cold and dry weather. You only need to host it indoors so your guests don’t catch cold.

Victorian Vintage

If you want to go back in time in a classical way you should seriously consider Victorian vintage wedding theme. So what do you stand to gain? Victorian styled expressions from the lovely old time vehicle to the chandeliers and dining table decorations that take people back in time are some of the specials. Having the wedding in a garden makes it even more glamorous. This is why you need to find a very suitable garden with pavilion area and a large backyard. If you prefer indoors then you must look for a church, inn or mansion that is Victorian styled and has beautiful and elegant veranda and gardens.

Sports Theme

If you’re a big fan of a certain sport or club you might want to consider having your wedding in sports theme. One good thing about this theme is that it has not being overused, making it a great way to make your wedding look completely unique. For decorations you will need to make use of the sport’s most important elements and club’s colors and emblems. Everything including the cake design, favors, invitation and food choices will need to be based on your favorite sport. For example, if your favorite sport is golf then your wedding colors will definitely be green and white. Cakes can be signed in form of a golf ball or chart and waiters can dress like golf players. You can make your invitation card look like a golf scoreboard.

Country Western Theme

Because of the ease at which western wedding decorations and outfits can be created and assembled, choosing this theme helps to keep the cost of your wedding budget in the minimum. Find a professional to do a western styled barbecue or make use of your own grill, its all up to you to decide. Western theme wedding materials can be found everywhere, both online and in thrift shops. Get cowboy shirts, hats and boot-shaped vases and other decoration materials to create amazing decorations. For music you can either get a dj to play western music In CDs or hire a country band if you have the extra cash.

Picnic Wedding Theme

If you’re looking for a way to cut down on the budget of wedding, this theme is the perfect choice. This is because the theme gives room for you to do a lot of DIY as long as you have the capabilities for it. You can purchase stylish blanket yourself and make your caterer pack lunches for guest in brown bags with the menu written on a sticker placed beside it. Use wooden chairs and tables for your reception, use picnic baskets with breads and fruits as your centerpiece and play music in iPod.

Andrew Johnston is a wedding planner who always likes to present a unique theme for each of the weddings he is involved with which includes hand-picked first dance wedding songs that are special to the couple.