Yumm-E-Thyme Catering - Texas- Collin County

Yumm-E-Thyme is a premier provider of professional themed catering and event planning services located in McKinney, TX; we have the décor to match most themes! Yet we’re pleased to do something new. Themed events are fun to throw and are always memorable. Our imaginative, playful/artistic buffet presentations will bring your concept to life. We pride ourselves in combining fabrics, themed props, flowers, and more to create eye-popping focal points for your party atmosphere. Whether you have a theme in mind or want us to help you pick one, let us provide the fun!
Themed events are a fun/creative, innovative/original way to make/create lasting memories. Innovative recipes and event planning styles complement the top quality, flavorful products tailored specifically to our client’s need. Because Yumm-E-Thyme recognizes that every aspect of a catered event reflects upon its host, our commitment to quality and service will not be compromised.

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