Pizza 900 mobile wood fire pizza catering

We are using the world’s best wood fired authentic Italian brick oven set on a custom trailer designed to hold the 3,500 pound weight of the oven. We bring the kitchen to your place. As long as we can park our trailer and setup at your office, residence, park or banquet facility we can fire up your party.
Our oven heats up over 900 Degrees. This enables us to create your dream pizza from start to finish in about 3 minutes. Actual cooking time is normally under 90 seconds. This new concept of a mobile wood fired pizza trailer in orange county has brightened the mood of the everyday party or special event.
Our clients love the entertainment factor of being able to watch our Pizzaiolo’s hand tossing the dough, cutting the fresh fior di latte Mozzarella, roasting the fresh vegetables and hand cutting the meats while the guests are watching and enjoying the art of pizza making. Once all these fresh ingredients are placed on your pizza our chef quickly places the pie into the 900 degree oven and the guests watch the mixtures of almond, walnut and oak woods do their magic.
The site and smell of the oven captures all your senses. From the dancing of the fire flames to the sounds of crackling wood and sizzling of pizzas, the smell of the garlic and the aroma of the Almond and Walnut wood smoke in the air. Its truly amazing to see, smell and taste the freshest food catering of your life.

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