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Chris Cakes Catering is simply great when it comes to providing unlimited quantities of hot, fresh food to your event. We are known for being all you can eat. There aren’t any caterers that we are aware of that offer such an option at such reasonable prices. Our readiness in providing all you can eat menus mean we load heavier than a standard caterer will so if you have walk ups or those last minute unexpected guests we will have food to feed them. When it comes to pricing our menus, our goal is to provide options that everyone can afford and we constantly work to achieve that with our vendors and clients.

Chris Cakes is extraordinarily flexible in scheduling, menu selection and location options. We have catered in some of the strangest conditions in the region which would shut a normal caterer down, from two inches of ice on the roads to the middle of thunderstorms and even a 180 mile drive through foot deep snow. We make it to and successfully complete more than 99% of all our events no matter the time or condition. We also do not pay our employees hourly. They are paid on a profit sharing plan and they understand that a happy client means more work for them and a more successful reputation for Chris Cakes and our clients. Our employees actually do care that your event goes well. They have the authorization and understanding to do what it takes to make the event come off without a hitch. It’s comparable to having a manager at each and every event you hold.

Chris Cakes has been in catering business since 1969 and we have stayed in business that long by providing a truly exemplary experience to thousands upon thousands of people year after year. If you haven’t experienced Chris Cakes, check us out and “catch” us whenever you can!

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