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The Avanti Natural Story

Chef/owners Mark & Tanya met when Mark was teaching cooking & working as a personal chef all around Orange County.  They began collaborating teaching cooking classes and doing culinary demos at Whole Foods Markets in Costa Mesa.  They quickly realized they shared much in their individual cooking philosophies.  Inevitably, the search was on for a kitchen and dining room of their own.  Our location at 259 E. 17th St Costa Mesa, provided the space we were looking for, ample dining area and a full kitchen for culinary creativity.  In May of 2005, Avanti Café opened for business.  In 2011 we closed briefly to remodel our dining room, doubling our seat capacity.  We employed eco friendly techniques in electrical, lighting, paint and surfaces, removing old floor tiling and polishing the natural concrete underneath for our floor.  Tanya’s master carpenter father fashioned all our tables and from sustainable black walnut and cherry wood.  Mark dusted off his design skills and mapped out both the floor plan and large dining room fixture furniture pieces also built to spec by David Fuqua.  Our remodel has cut our electric bill by 45%.


Today Avanti Café seats 44 guests in a contemporary & cosy atmosphere, guests w/ pets dine al fresco out doors, and we sport three separate menus weekly, Lunch, Dinner and Weekend Brunch.


Avanti hosts private events in the dining room, caters parties and weddings both in house and off site, and features special menu items daily which we showcase w/ photos and descriptions on facebook, twitter & pinterest.


From the very beginning we have been a green business, w/ no artificial ingredients, fresh & organic produce, dairy products, eggs, sweeteners, grains, flours & more.  We have never used Styrofoam choosing instead, low waste packaging, recyclable & compostable materials, minimizing disposable products & we are committed to recycling and composting as much as we can.  We continue to increase our organic profile & reduce our footprint each year.


Avanti Natural Inc, is a proud charter member of Southern California’s green certification group, The Positive Plate.  We work w/ produce from local organic farms such as South Coast Farms in San Juan Capistrano.  We have enjoyed supporting them and working w/ their epic produce for over a decade and are a pick up spot for their fantastic Community Supported Agriculture program too.


In December 2012 we launched our first ecommerce enterprise, allowing far flung Avanti fans both new and old to purchase our renowned organic and wholesome cookies, brownies and spice blends for home delivery.  Visit the website at www.avantinaturalstore.com to order products, read our blogs complete w/ recipes & photos for getting the most out of your Avanti purchases.  And post your feedback on our facebook, twitter, instagram & pinterest pages.  We love to see what you create using our all natural sea salt and spice blends.


Eating Healthy & Delicious is a Win Win Win Situation!

Eat Live & Party Well

As we say, eat w/ us several times a week and it’s likely you’ll become healthier than you already are!  And your taste buds will love every minute of it too. How many restaurants can legitimately make that claim !?!

Avanti is the longstanding leader in organic, sustainable, local, flavorful cuisine in Orange County.







“If one has the art, then a piece of celery or salted cabbage can be made into a marvelous delicacy; whereas if one has not the art, not all the greatest delicacies and rarities of land, sea, or sky are of any avail.”  — a Beijing cook, nineteenth century

Chinese Roundabout Jonathan D. Spence


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